Florida Man Birthday January 10

A man working at a Florida airport was injured and killed by helicopter blades.

The accident occurred in an aircraft hangar near Tampa Bay, according to WFTS.

Officials from the County Sheriff’s Office, Hananda El Ninhuis, were called to the area where the accident occurred at 15:30. Authorities learned that the man had died when he arrived at the scene.

According to the sheriff’s office, the 62-year-old man named Salvatore Daisy died near Tampa Bay Regional Airport from a head injury with rotating blades.

Due to the helicopter crash in the hangar, two employees wanted to launch the helicopter. The blades hit Daisy’s head while the helicopter’s blades were moving, causing his death. Daisy died instantly.

The sheriff stated at the meeting that Daisy would not be hit again. The FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board were said to have been contacted about the incident.

Another incident on January 10

A Florida man allegedly deceived his family into believing the murdered wife was still alive

Who are the famous January 10th birthdays?

Grand Duke of Russia Peter Nikolaevich (died 1931)
1878 John McClain, American hurdler, soccer player, and coach (d. 1955)
1893 Albert Jacka, captain of Australia, Victoria Cross recipient (d.1932)
1894 Bengali Lakshmikantam, Indian poet and author (d. 1972)
1917 Hilda Krahl, Croatian-Austrian actress (d. 1999)


Billy Varga, American professional wrestler and actor (d. 2013)
1927 Gisele Mackenzie, Canadian-American singer and actress (d. 2003)
1943 Jantzen Derek, English footballer


Nadia Salerno Sonnenberg, Italian-American violinist, author, and educator

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