Florida Man Birthday January 11

Homestead (CBS Miami) – A man has been arrested with more than 40 grams of cocaine
Traffic control teams near the Florida Keys. The detainee destroyed the police headquarters

According to information provided by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, Melvin Stubbs,
37 years old on charges of drug smuggling and resisting arrest. He was also charged with
The police car seat was destroyed after his arrest.

Stubbs’ car was not as permitted by the rules and the police stopped the car. It was
He was arrested by the police when he was searched to arrest him for violating his freedom
Selling cocaine.

In an attempt to escape from the cops, Stubbs is captured by a police officer using a Taser.
Cocaine weighing 41.1 grams was found in Stubbs’ pocket.

Who are the famous January 11th birthdays?

Louise Krueger, German javelin thrower (d. 2001)
1932 Alfonso Arao, Mexican actor and director
1938 Gavin Millar, Scottish director, producer and screenwriter
1940 Anders Tarand, Estonian geographer and politician, 10th Prime Minister of Estonia
1973 Rockmond Dunbar, American actor, director, producer and screenwriter


Kevin Coy, Canadian curler
1978 Valo Alingo, Estonian basketball player
1985 Newton Faulkner, English singer-songwriter and guitarist


Rachel Riley, English TV presenter

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