Florida Man Birthday January 14

MILTON, Florida (WSVN) – A Florida man has threatened to kill his neighbor with his machete
It’s called “kindness.”

According to the Pensacola News Journal, a 30-year-old man named Bryan Duane Stewart
He was arrested for shooting a pistol that could lead to death. The police came to Stewart’s house
To the sounds of the screams of his neighbors from inside the house.

A witness to the accident claimed to have heard Stewart say, “I’m going to kill them

Neighbors worried about a woman and child in the house went to Stewart’s house. The
Neighbors saw the man carrying a scythe marked “Kindness” and cut down one of the neighbors.

The cops took control of Stewart by Taser. Stewart is under arrest with a $20,000 bond.

Who are the famous January 14th birthdays?

Bertus de Harder, Dutch footballer and manager (d. 1982)
1928 Lars Forsell, Swedish writer, poet and songwriter (d. 2007)
1938 Allen Toussaint, American singer, songwriter, pianist, and producer
1944 Graham Marsh, Australian golfer and architect
[1945[1945 Einar Hakonarsson, Icelandic painter and educator
1980 Yoko Kaeda, Japanese actress
1981 Concepción Montaner, Spanish long jump
1981 Rosa Lopez, Spanish singer


Takako Uehara, Japanese singer, actress and radio presenter (Speed)

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