Florida Man Birthday January 16

A Florida man drove his Ferrari from the sidewalk towards the sea

Last month, James Mochiacchio of Deerfield Beach, Florida, drove his Ferrari 360 to the end of the curb in Palm Beach. The information obtained in the accident was related to Moshiacchio’s motive for religiosity, and that was part of his nature.

Mucciaccio, 48, was in Palm Beach with his car on December 26. A police officer warned Mucciaccio not to park his car there. Mucciaccio apologized to the officer, drove his sports car toward the sea and fell into the sea instead of getting off the road.

Mochiacchio managed to get out of the car before it sank and two fishermen handed it over to police officers. Mochiacchio believed that the Egyptian police officer did not believe in Jesus, and so he headed toward the sea because of that.

According to WPTV, Mucciaccio told the police officer “Jesus told me to go into a small window. Jesus made me the smartest man in the world. I have many responsibilities and it is very difficult for me to take on those responsibilities. Money will become meaningless.”

The sunken Ferrari 360 has been removed by the police and is under investigation. The car’s license plate was affixed to Mucciaccio’s other car, the Ford Mustang.

Mucciacco’s move is believed to be related to the disposal of property from Ferrari and the insurance fraud that has yet to occur. Mushiako’s comments also raise the possibility that he may be in a mental problem.

Who are the famous January 16 birthdays?

Irving Mills, American publisher (d. 1985)
1911 Eduardo Fray Montalva, Chilean politician and lawyer, 28th President of Chile (died 1982)
1911 Roger Labebe, French cyclist (died 1996)
1914 Roger Wagner, conductor and French-American teacher (d. 1992)
1956 Jennifer Dale, Canadian actress and dancer
1964 Diane Nedelchief, Bulgarian singer-songwriter
1968 Rebecca Stead, American author
1969 Stevie Jackson, Scottish guitarist and songwriter (Bill, Sebastian and The Vaselines)


Ezra Hendrickson, football player and manager

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