Florida Man Birthday January 18

SPRING HILL, FL – A man who confused Taco Bell with a Tampa bank was arrested Wednesday.

According to the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office, the Bank of America manager was in Bank Lane, where he saw a man absent from the wheel of a blue sedan and reported the disabled driver. The bank manager stated that he hit the window for a while to wake the man in the car.

After the guy woke up, he learned he wasn’t on Taco Bell. But before moving away from the area, he asked
Bank Manager for Burrito.

He found a deputy mayor who came to the area on a notice from 28-year-old bank manager Douglas Francisco as he was driving.

Francisco’s statement, who had an arrest report, was a little different. He stated that his actions slowed down due to the delay in responding to deputies’ questions and his being under the influence of medical prescriptions.

After several investigations, Francisco was arrested. The arrest report stated that the prescribed drugs
Its name is Oxycodone and Xanax.

Francisco was transferred to the Hernando County Jail after being investigated. The guy’s bail is $1000.

Who are the famous January 18 birthdays?

John Ezell, American runner (d.1933)
1917 Wang Yongcheng, Taiwanese-American businessman (d. 2008)
1944 Paul Keating, Australian economist and politician, 24th Prime Minister of Australia
1952 Michael Inglis, English actor
1961 Peter Beardsley, English footballer and manager


Maxime Bernier, Canadian politician and lawyer, 7th Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada
1963 Vera Bao, Dutch footballer and manager
1974 Princess Claire of Belgium
Brett McKhillip, Canadian singer and actress (other girl)

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