Florida Man Birthday January 2

On January 2, officials reported that a man was walking around a Winn-Dixie Wine and Spirits store in Castlebury, Florida, without a mask. The man left there and returned after a while dressed as Spider-Man.

The man dressed as Spider-Man stole $150 in liquor and $420 in Newport cigarettes from the store.

Edward Wellborn, who was arrested by officials, was arrested in January.

Who are the most famous birthdays on January 2?

1727 James Wolfe, English General (d. 1759)
1928 Daisaku Ikeda, Japanese religious leader
1942 Dennis Hastert, American politician and educator. The 59th Speaker of the United States House of Representatives
1942 Ray Moore, English radio host (d. 1989)
1952 Graeme Strachan, Australian (Skyhawk) singer-songwriter (d. 2001)
1960 Raman Lamba, Indian cricketer (d. 1998)
1963 David Kohn, American baseball player and sports broadcaster
1969 Christy Turlington, American fashion model
1989 Romain Didula, French footballer

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