Florida Man Birthday January 22

A young man tried to prove his independence by robbing a gas station

According to information from police officers, the young man who wanted to prove his independence to his mother demonstrated this by trying to rob the gas station.

Hassan Alexander Campbell, a 23-year-old teenager from Florida, is charged with attempted robbery of a Circle K gas station on January 17, as well as hit-and-run. The 23-year-old turned down an offer from the gas station worker to pay some money and hit a customer who was in the station store at the time.

Leaving the gas station, Campbell began to move south. Deputies found him at the Marion County Sheriff’s Office on Interstate 75 as he headed south and followed him. Representatives chased Campbell to Sumter County. Campbell, who was arrested after the stalking, was said to have requested an attorney.

In a post on Marion County’s Facebook page, the lawmakers said, “He’s trying to understand himself, his goal is to prove himself.” Representatives also shared information that Campbell was trying to go to a strip club with a relative.

The person who attempted to rob a gas station to show his independence to his mother has been arrested and is serving his sentence in Sumter County Jail.

Who are the famous January 22 birthdays?

Ira Thomas, American baseball player and manager (d. 1958)
1906 Joe Gladwin, English actor (d. 1987)
1909 Porfirio Ruberosa, Dominican race car driver, polo player and diplomat (d. 1965)
1921 Arno Babajanian, Armenian pianist and composer (d. 1983)
1926 Aurel Nicolet, Swiss flutist
1943 Marilia Pera, Brazilian actress and singer
1965 DJ Jazzy Jeff, American DJ, producer and actor
1970 Abraham Olano, Spanish cyclist


Joseph Calliga, Maltese tenor

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