Florida Man Birthday January 27

A Florida man has been arrested for hospitalizing two children after the accident in which he was involved.

NORTH PORT, FL – A 28-year-old man from Lauderdale Lakes had an accident while driving in traffic, according to officials. The man who left the crash site was arrested Monday morning.

According to the report, a man named Tong Nguyen collided with a convoy traveling on the same lane as it was heading south on Interstate 75.

With Nguyen hitting the left side of the convoy, the convoy slid aside and detached from its trailer. According to photos taken from another vehicle nearby, Nguyen continued on his way after colliding with the convoy. Nguyen was arrested at the home at 11 Maccabi Street in Port Charlotte.

The two children in the convoy had to be taken to the North Harbor Emergency Department. One of the children was seriously injured in the accident.

He accused Nguyen of staying away from the scene despite the injury he caused.

Who are the famous January 27 birthdays?


Eduard Konecki, German composer (d. 1953)
1915 Jules Archer, American historian and author (d. 2008)
1940 Terry Harper, Canadian ice hockey player and coach
[1945[1945 Harold Cardinal, Canadian lawyer and politician (died 2005)
1958 Kadri Malek, Estonian jewelry designer
1958 Susanna Thompson, American actress
1965 Alan Cumming, Scottish-American actor, singer, director and producer
1970 Emmanuel Bahud, Swiss flutist


Josh Randall, American actor

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