Florida Man Birthday January 4

A man hit his father in the face with a slice of pizza

A man living in Pasco County, Florida hit his father’s face with a slice of pizza to help him give birth. After the incident, the man who admitted to being insane was arrested.

According to reports, 33-year-old Robert Houston suddenly hit his father in the face with a slice of pizza and started yelling at him by holding his arm.

Houston, who later walked out, waited for the police officers to arrive.

Houston surrendered to the police officers, telling them “I know I’m going to jail.” Police officers said they saw pieces of cheese and pizza sauce at the scene. Family members confirmed the incident.

Houston was captured by being transferred to Land O Lakes Detention Center.

A Florida man has found his missing cat in Colorado, 2,000 miles away.

Who are the famous January 4th birthdays?

1895 Leroy Grumman, American engineer and businessman; Co-founder of Grumman Aerospace Engineering (d. 1982)
1896 Everett Dirksen, American lieutenant and politician (d. 1969)
1948 Sissi Mariam Kaidama Sidibe, Malian politician, Prime Minister of Mali
1953 Richard Boden, English director and producer
1956 Alex Klein, American drummer and teacher
1956 Bernard Sumner, English singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer
1960 April Winchell, American actress, singer, and screenwriter
1960 Jane Halton, Australian government employee
1978 Mi Meneses, Spanish singer-songwriter and guitarist (Nina Daconte)

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