Florida Man Birthday June 1

A Florida man is accused of shooting a woman to death during foreplay.

A Valico, Florida man told lawmakers that he shot and killed a woman during foreplay. The man is accused of killing a person.

23-year-old Andrew Shino of Florida allegedly shot a woman with his licensed handgun around 12:30. According to the authorities’ statement, the pistol fired by the woman was used during foreplay.

After she was hit by a gun, the woman was taken to Brandon Regional Hospital, where she died.

Shinault is arrested for murder with a gun. The release of Shinault, who was sent to the Orient Road Jail, was announced for $50,000.

Another incident on June 1

Florida man stabs roommate at groceries

Who are the famous birthdays on the first of June?

John van Druten, English-American playwright and director (d. 1957)
1934 Pat Boone, American singer, songwriter and actor


Katerina Gogo, Greek actress and poet (d. 1993)
Robin Mattson, American actress

Aharon Bergman, Israeli-English political scientist and journalist

Nigel Short, English chess player and journalist
1968 Yui Natsukawa, Japanese actress
1973 Adam Garcia, Australian actor, singer and dancer
Sami Alex Matahi, Kenyan sprinter

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