Florida Man Birthday June 12

With cops after him, a Florida man is chased from Miami to the overhead switches.

MONROE COUNTY (CBS Miami) – A Florida man tracked cops from Miami to the Upper Keys on Tuesday.

According to a Florida City Police statement, a 50-year-old man from Lake Worth named Mark Edward Welch was in a car accident. The man ran towards the Upper Keys, trailing the cops after him.

Base. As he drove toward Mile Markar 108 at 1 o’clock, Monroe County Sheriff deputies placed spikes on the road. Welch continued to run, and turned the steering wheel south.

Welch hit a concrete wall and was able to stop near the Jewfish Creek Bridge at Mile Marker 107.

Sheriff’s deputies pointed their guns at Welch, but Welch did not get out of his car. After a while, he was arrested without showing any resistance to the officials. Welch told the deputies that there was a woman in his car, but no one was in the car.

Sheriff’s deputies found a pipe with cocaine residue inside the car. Welch said in a statement that he ingested 20 stone fragments during the chase and had been smoking cocaine since Tuesday. He also said he was having a hard time coughing because some stones were still in his throat.

Sheriff’s deputies took Welch to a hospital in Tavernier. After treatment, Welch was arrested and sent to prison.

Welch was charged with drug supply possession, cocaine possession, practice evasion, and DUI.

The Monroe County sheriff said at least three law enforcement officers interfered with the stalking and that there may be more charges against Welch.

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1915 David Rockefeller, American banker and businessman


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John Linnell, American singer-songwriter and accordionist (Maybe Giants and Mundanes)

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1980 Ifet Taljević, German footballer
1983 Alexandre Pepa, German rugby player
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