Florida Man Birthday June 15

A Florida man, finding the Mass noisy, pushed the pastor and pushed the mass down.

CLEmont, Florida – According to a Claremont Police Department statement, a Florida man demonstrated violence at church service. The man pushed the pastor and hugged those present.

Cops were called to 743 E. Montrose Street on Sunday morning. 34-year-old Alan Cheeseborough, who assaulted the pastor and those who attended the service, was resisting the police who came to arrest him.

According to the police statement, Chiseborough placed his body while in custody so that his hands would not be tied and tied. Cheeseborough is also said to have shouted “I can’t breathe” and “was raped”. According to the recordings, his screams “I can’t breathe” and “rape” were not a reflection of reality.

Cheesbourough claimed he was injured in custody and an EMS was ordered. As a result of the doctor’s examination, there were no signs of infection.

Video taken by an eyewitness at the scene showed Chesboro arguing with the pastor and several church staff. The report stated that Cheesbourough exhibited aggressive behavior towards church-goers. According to the police, it was announced that the participants in the church service did not provoke the man.

According to another eyewitness, Cheesbourough approached the place where the Mass was held and said there was a lot of visibility and they should turn the volume down. He said Cheesbourough pushed the pastor, causing him to fall, dropping participants and sound equipment.

According to another eyewitness, Chieseborough attacked the priest and beat those present.

Cheesbourough was arrested for disturbing a religious meeting, assault, possession of drug paraphernalia, and nonviolent resistance. According to the records, he is being held without bail in the Lake County Jail.

Another incident on June 15

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Who are the famous June 15th birthdays?

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1933 Mark Jones, English footballer (died 1958)


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1987 Ani Megacica, Croatian tennis player
1990 Denzel Whitaker, American actor
Kanna Arihara, a (cute) Japanese singer

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