Florida Man Birthday June 20

A Florida man was arrested after he confessed to being a member of a fraudulent organization.

Thibault tried to get a large amount of money from a company. According to police investigations, he learned that he was deceived by one of the victims in California.

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania – A man who admitted to being part of a nationwide fraud scheme has been arrested in East Earl Township, according to a police statement.

On June 18, the police went to a store where parcels with large sums of money arrived. A fake business name is written on the packaging. When the officers came, they took the parcel and left.

Soon after, the company announced that the police had called to report the man who was there to retrieve the package. The police returned to the institution and questioned the suspect. According to the police statement, the man initially used a pseudonym and later said his name was Everett Thibault.

As a result of police investigations, it was revealed that money was taken from a person in California in exchange for computer repair. Tebow said he is part of a criminal organization that defrauds people in many parts of the country.

Thibaut was arrested and taken to Lancaster County Jail.

Another incident on June 20

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Who are the famous birthdays on June 20?

Reginald Bonet, English geneticist, statistician, and academic (d. 1967)
1909 Errol Flynn, Australian-American actor, singer, and producer (d. 1959)


Simin Behbehani, Iranian poet and activist (d. 2014)


Ulf Merbold, German physicist and astronaut

Dolores “LaLa” Brooks, American-English singer-songwriter (The Crystals)

Raul Ramirez, Mexican tennis player
1956 Simon Bryant, English Air Field Marshal
1982 Yas, an Iranian rapper
Khalil Safran, German footballer

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