Florida Man Birthday June 22

A man carrying about 500 grams of weed tried to steal the plane to meet his girlfriend.

New Smyrna Beach, Florida – According to the New Smyrna Beach Police Department, a Florida man tried to steal a plane with 500 grams of weed on it so he could meet his girlfriend and travel to California. The man was arrested and sent to prison.

The officers received a report of a car theft at the airport. While the officers were trying to find the car, the owner of the car stopped them.

According to the report, the victim told officers that someone he didn’t know had offered to ride in his truck for $1,000. After a short time the man got off the truck and left a grinder, scale and cell phone in the truck. At the same time, a flight instructor at the airport told the officers that a man carrying a blue suitcase was seen in a restricted area, while the victim was describing his experience to the officers.

According to the news, the man asked his trainer how he could fly the plane.

The man was sitting in the plane when the officers arrived at the airport. The officers who approached the man asked how the plane had flown. The man jumped out of the plane’s emergency landing window and was arrested by officers.

After holding 22-year-old Robert Stenstra in the back of his patrol car, officers returned to the plane and took the Stenstra’s bag as evidence. Officers found a computer, ID card, sunglasses, headphones, a small cigar, a pocket knife and two lighters above the Stienstra.

In addition, a glass tube was also found and tested for methamphetamine, according to a report.

Officers also found a pot of marijuana next to the bag.

According to another report, “The suspect said he bought the plane for $20,000 and was going to California with his girlfriend.” The man said that security left the airport, but when he arrived, he said there was no security guard on duty.

While processing Stenstra’s sentence, he told officers that he owned a marijuana dispensary and was shipping marijuana to California.

Investigators said Stienstra had 500 grams of marijuana and overstayed at the airport.

Stienstra was taken to Volusia County Jail on charges of grand larceny, airport trespass, possession of marijuana, possession of equipment, and possession of a damaged crash site. Stienstra’s bail was announced at $30,500.

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