Florida Man Birthday June 27

A Florida man has been jailed for sending a threatening letter to court.

MIAMI (CBS Miami/Associated Press) — A man who sent a threatening letter to court has been sentenced to three years in federal prison, according to federal officials.

According to records, 47-year-old Freddy Velasquez sent a letter containing the powder substance from the Monticello State Prison in Florida in February 2019. Velasquez was serving a prison sentence for a crime he had committed before.

The letter said it contained “lethal chemicals,” according to a statement released Friday by the US Attorney’s Office in Miami. The letter also read: “I want you all to die. I hate you all. I will fight until you die.”

After a court worker opened the letter, the court was evacuated due to security measures and the surrounding streets were closed for 8 hours. Four federal officers and Miami Police hazardous materials units considered the possibility of a biological attack.

After examining the material it was found that the material was a detergent.

Velasquez was accused of sending a threatening message.

Another incident on June 27

McDonald’s employee assaulted in Florida for breaking an ice cream machine

Who are the famous June 27 birthdays?

João Guimarães Rosa, Brazilian physician and author (died 1967)
1913 Elton Brett, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 1972)


Bob Appleard, English cricketer and businessman (d. 2015)


Jeffrey Lee Pierce, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (The Gun Club) (d. 1996)

Jonny Benson Jr., American racing car driver

Jim Edmonds, American baseball player and sports broadcaster
1975 Sarah Evantz, Canadian swimmer
1982 Paulo Ravales, Filipino actor
Ravon Owen, American singer

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