Florida Man Birthday June 30

A Florida man hid methamphetamine in his body.

ORANGE COUNTY, FL – A man who hid meth in an area of ​​his body attempted to smuggle a prohibited substance into a local jail, according to an Orange County Sheriff’s Office statement.

Authorities found crystals of white stone that Shaft Pang Adams, 30, had hidden inside the skin of his penis during a search at the Orange County Jail on May 13.

Adams is accused of smuggling prohibited goods into a government structure.

An examination of court records revealed that Adams had been arrested multiple times in Orange County. However, according to the arrest report, there was no information as to why Adams was sentenced to prison.

Adams’ most recent crime was on June 22, when a deputy mayor spotted him while he was shopping in a drug dealing district. The deputy sheriff asked Adams to get in the car, and cocaine powder was found on him during an inspection.

Sheriff’s Deputies asked Adams to take off his shoes and socks. Adams refused to do what the vice mayors said after removing his left shoe.

According to the deputy sheriff, a bag of cocaine was hidden in Adams’ right foot. Adams tensed as the deputy sheriff tried to find his right foot.

Adams was arrested on charges of nonviolent resistance to an authorized officer and possession of cocaine. Adams, who was arrested last month for possession of methamphetamine, has been released on bail from that sentence. However, the condition of his release on bail was rescinded after his latest crime.

Another incident on June 30

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Who are the famous June 30th birthdays?

Oswald Pohl, German SS officer (d. 1951)
1956 David Alan Greer, American actor, producer, and screenwriter


Marton Ksokas, New Zealand actor


Victoria Caspi, Canadian American astrophysicist and academic

Sei Oluvengana, Nigerian footballer

Lizzie Caplan, American actress
1984 Ron Morales, Filipino actor
1988 Jack Douglas, American comedian and actor
David Waits, English actor

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