Florida Man Birthday June 4

A Florida man threw the baby at the deputy mayor during a fast and dangerous manhunt.

Indian River County (CBS Miami) – A video has been released of the man following the police in a fast and dangerous pursuit. The record of what happened in Indian River County was very dramatic.

Representatives who wanted to arrest 32-year-old John Henry James III witnessed the man throwing the baby at the same time. Deputy Mayor Jacob Corby grabbed the baby.

On May 26, an officer spotted James in Vero Beach in a Nissan Rogue, the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement. James refused to stop and a chase broke out between him and the cops. 40 minutes of follow-up ended with camera and helicopter support.

In the released video, James was seen crashing into an official’s car, bypassing barriers and avoiding a trap set in the stopping area. James did not stop his car despite some attempts to stop it. Meanwhile, James threw his child out of the car. A deputy mayor grabbed the two-month-old and took him to safety.

Although James continued to evade authorities, he was arrested and responded by resisting arrest.

James, who was taken to the safety car, claimed he couldn’t breathe and said he had asthma. To control his discomfort, the EMTs transported him to a fire station. According to the authorities’ statement, he continued his resistance while being transferred to a stretcher that was taken to hospital.

James was suffering from a different illness after hospital controls. After receiving the necessary treatment, he was sent to the county jail on June 1.

James is charged with two counts of aggravated child abuse, aggravated assault on an officer, assault, disorderly driving, and violent resistance to arrest.

“We cannot interfere with baby gloves towards a man who threw his baby at us,” Sheriff Eric Flowers said, making a statement about the incident.

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