Florida Man Birthday June 8

A Florida man has been charged with distributing the deadly fentanyl.

Tampa, Florida (CW44 News At 10) – A Florida man is accused of possession and distribution of fentanyl resulting in death.

Christopher A. Devillips, 43, of Braddon, was charged Tuesday, June 8.

Devillips could face a life sentence in federal prison on previous drug charges. According to the plan, the trial of Devillips will be held on September 8, 2021.

According to the report, Devilps distributed heroin in Hillsborough County in March and April 2020. On April 17, 2020, he distributed the deadly fentanyl. Hillsborough Sheriff’s Office officials tracked down Devillips and found him dealing drugs in Hillsborough County. The authorities found that Devillips was in possession of cocaine, fentanyl and related substances and arrested him.

An autopsy by the Hillsborough County Forensic Institute revealed that the victim died from fentanyl use. The fentanyl contained in the victim’s body turned out to be very similar to that found in Devillips.

Another incident on June 8

A Florida man calls 911 after a girlfriend refuses to buy him vodka

Who are the famous June 8th birthdays?

Kiyar Kenhana Rai, Indian journalist, author and poet (d. 2015)
1923 Karel Guijifarts, Belgian composer (d. 1993)


Lynne Noufziger, American journalist and author (d. 2006)


Bernie Casey, American football player and actor

Kathy Baker, American actress

Mick Hocknall, English singer-songwriter (Simply Red and Faces)
1970 Kwame Kilpatrick, American educator and politician, Mayor of Detroit 68
1992 Cepa, Brazilian footballer
Doganay Kilic, Turkish football player

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