Florida Man Birthday June 9

A topless Florida man has been charged with multiple crimes, including attempting to kiss an elderly woman.

Escambia County, Florida – A Florida man first revealed himself at a flea market and then stripped naked, stole a car and continued his various crimes, according to the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office. The man was arrested by the authorities.

Sheriff’s deputies got their first call about a 23-year-old man named Lahoras Beckett Jr. at about 11:15 p.m. Wednesday. The call came from a restaurant located in the T&W Flea Market area of ​​Pensacola. Beckett Jr. kicked and punched the coin machine. “Call the police, the dead are rising,” cried Beckett Jr., revealing himself, to those around him.

Then Beckett Jr. jumped on the shoulder of a customer in the restaurant, grabbed an employee at the counter, and attacked him with his fists.

The mayor’s deputies said the man who was kicked out of the restaurant stripped off and stole a Chevrolet Sonic. Also, Beckett Jr. left a backpack with a gun in it.

Beckett Jr. approached an elderly woman who lived a few blocks from the scene, grabbed her by the hair and tried to kiss her, grabbed a stone and threatened her. According to the report, he threatened to kill the woman.

Beckett Jr. wanted to get into the trailer, which is on private property. During a fight with the man in the trailer, he hit the man with a stone and injured him.

When authorities arrived at the scene, Beckett Jr. tried to escape but was found in a bed. The bag found in the trailer contains a throwing star, a weapon supply, and a can of synthetic marijuana.

A third report came while Beckett Jr. was in custody. According to local witnesses, Beckett Jr. dismantled a mailbox, broke into a house, and smashed the television inside. While what he was doing, he shouted “I know you’re in there, get out.”

Beckett Jr. has been arrested for 19 offenses, including causing property damage, theft, driving with a suspended license, aggravated assault, assault, striking a person aged 65 and over, using a handgun during the crime, and possession of a handgun by a previously convicted offender. , theft with assault, resisting authorities without violence, carrying synthetic drugs, possession of drugs, committing crimes with a gun, disturbing the peace and safety of vehicles.

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