Florida Man Birthday March 11

NAPOLI, FL – Darbin Carrasco-Oseguera, 42, lashes a restaurant worker before showing him his knife.

According to the arrest report, Carrasco-Oseguera went to Mexican Taqueria on Tamiami Road, and threatened workers and customers at the restaurant.

An employee tried to stop Carrasco-Oseguera, but was hit in the face with a rope. Then the man pulled a knife toward the employee and swung it toward him.

The Naples police arrested Carrasco-Oseguera and arrested him in the restaurant.

According to the police investigation, it was found that Carrasco-Oseguera had threatened another person during the day.

While in the restaurant, Carrasco-Oseguera forced the driver to order and asked the cashier to call the police.

Carrasco-Oseguera charged with police battery, car theft, battery and assault.

Another incident on March 11

Florida man’s church loses tax-exempt status because it’s just a nightclub

Who are the famous March 11th birthdays?

Andres Metspalo, Estonian geneticist and academic
1952 Douglas Adams, English-American author and playwright (d. 2001)


Henk van Gerven, Dutch physician and politician
1959 Fred Membe, Zambian journalist
1965 Andy Stormer, American singer-songwriter, drummer and producer (Beatnik Beatch and Jellyfish)
Scott Calderwood, English-Scottish football player and manager
1979 Fred Jones, American basketball player
1986 Mariko Shinoda, Japanese singer and actress (AKB48)
KZ Tandingan, Filipino singer

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