Florida Man Birthday March 12

A Florida man nicknamed “Babycakes” was caught naked outside his apartment.

On Thursday, a man named Irving Edward Howard, 71, who lives in Flor Myers, was arrested. The old man is accused of immoral conduct, indecent behavior and drunkenness with a child age 16 or younger, according to online records from Lee County. According to the police statement, there were children nearby while Howard was sitting naked in the chair.

This was not Howard’s first arrest. In 2019, $300,000 was spent for Howard Prison. Howard was arrested naked again at a hospital in the area in 2019.

According to WBBH, Howard was imprisoned in April 2019 and spent 134 nights in prison.

Howard, who was released from prison in August 2019, has been arrested 12 times since then, for offenses such as trespassing and indecent display. Howard has arrest records in Lee County dating back to 1988.

Howard, who will appear in court on April 12, is currently in Lee County Jail.

Another incident on March 12

A Florida man was found bound, gagged, dressed in women’s clothing, and left in an abandoned building.

Who are the famous birthdays on March 12th?

Googie Withers, Indo-Australian actress (d. 2011)
1931 Billy Thomas, American actor (d. 1980)


John Doherty, English footballer (d. 2007)
1942 Ratko Mladic, Serbian general
1948 Sandra Brown, American author
Carl Hiaasen, American journalist and author
1965 Steve Finley, American baseball player
1966 Akemi Okamura, Japanese voice actress
Shawn Rogers, American football player

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