Florida Man Birthday March 18

Bennell, Florida – A Florida man has been arrested for police action. The same man was arrested again the next day for the same crime.

The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office pursued LeRoy Stotelmyer, 60, after investigators received information on March 11 from a man at a toll booth on the highway. Stotelmyer, who used a police badge to avoid paying tolls on the motorway, was arrested on March 11.

According to information obtained from the authorities, the officers allowed him to cross.

A clerk working at the counters told investigators that Stotelmyer showed a badge and paid the fare.

Sheriff Rick Staley said that on March 9, Stotelmyer was arrested for police impersonation and theft. On March 11, he was charged with violating his release and impersonating the police.

Sheriff Staley said, “It seems that Stutt Meyer hasn’t learned a lesson yet and insists on breaking the law. He started committing the same crime just two days after his release.”

According to records, Stutt Meyer did not have a lawyer.

Another incident on March 18

Florida woman sets car on fire after man refuses to buy McFlurry

Who are the famous March 18th birthdays?

William Sulzer, American lawyer and politician, 39th Governor of New York (d.1941)
1914 César Guerra-Peixe, Brazilian violinist, composer and conductor (d. 1993)


Peter Jones, English businessman
1972 Anya Molenbeek, German disc launcher
1978 Yoshi Takeshita, Japanese volleyball player


Draman Coulibaly, Malian footballer
1980 Alexey Yagodin, Russian snowboarder
1989 Shreevats Goswami, an Indian cricketer
Orasaya Spearbound, Thai model and actress

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