Florida Man Birthday March 19

An employee at Burger King in Florida shot a customer who threw mayonnaise

The accident occurred in Miami Gardens, Florida. A customer threw mayonnaise in her face shortly after an argument with a restaurant employee. The employee shot him with his pistol. As soon as the police became aware of the incident, they tracked down the employee and arrested her.

Shatisha Hicks, 30, a Burger King employee, has been arrested for using a firearm in public. Police said Hicks opened fire on a man after he had a brief quarrel with him. In her defence, Hicks stated that the man threw mayonnaise in her face and was angry about it.

Hicks and the man argued for a time. The man allegedly threw mayonnaise in her face. He also parked his car in the Burger King car park. Hicks took her rifle and headed toward the car. Then five shots were fired at the car. When I fired, the man quickly walked away.

Hicks fled the scene in her own car. However, the cops managed to locate her car a few miles from her home. When the police searched Hicks’ car, they found a gun. According to the report, investigators found five shell casings in a Burger King parking lot.

Hicks was sent to the Miami-Dade County Jail. However, she was released after paying the $1,000 bail. Police did not track down the customer who fled the scene after the shooting. Therefore, they do not know if there are any injuries.

Aunt Hicks claimed that her nephew was defending himself. She states that she cannot be angry with her. The aunt also said that everyone could do such behavior but she would never do such a thing. A witness who was present at the time of the accident said that the man provoked Hicks.

An eyewitness named Kevin said he tried to buy a burger during the incident. According to Kevin’s testimony, the customer closed his car window but was making various gestures on his face toward Hicks. He later stated that Hicks got angry and started shooting.

A spokesman for fast-food chain Burger King said the incident was unacceptable. He said they didn’t believe it when they heard about the incident but were shocked when they checked the footage. He stated that this employee behavior does not reflect the brand’s values.

A Burger King spokesperson said they will work with local authorities to support them in resolving the incident with all the photos and information they have. He added that they cannot share any details with the press while the investigation continues.

Another incident on March 19

A ‘hateful’ Florida karaoke singer allegedly assaulted an Appleby employee.

Who are the famous March 19 birthdays?

David Livingston, Scottish missionary and explorer (d. 1873)
1873 Max Rieger, German pianist, composer and conductor (d.1916)


Patricia Morrison, American actress and singer
1915 Robert J. Cole, American Colonel, Medal of Honor recipient (d. 1944)
1923 Benito Jakovetti, Italian painter (d. 1997)


Betty Goodwin, Canadian sculptor and painter (d.2008)
1923 Henry Morgentaler, Polish-Canadian physician and activist (d. 2013)
1955 Simon Yam, Hong Kong actor and producer
Geert Pettens, Belgian guitarist and songwriter (Kick pick)

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