Florida Man Birthday November 10

A Florida man stabbed the puppy 50 times, then put it in the bag and tortured it

The event was held in the city of Hollywood, which is part of Broward County. A Florida man stabbed a young puppy 50 times. Then he put the stabbed animal in the bag and tortured it. The police, who tracked down the incident, arrested the suspect and sent him to prison.

Brendan Evans, 35, stabbed a young puppy 50 times. Although the animal was alive, he put it in the bag and tortured it. Defense attorney Michael Gottlieb announced that two of the charges against Evans had been accepted. Evans has faced 17 different crimes of animal cruelty.

Evans said he went out for a walk one night and found the puppy in a blue bag near a house. He stated that he realized the animal was trying to hold on to life at this time and was trying to help. The seriously injured dog was taken to the animal clinic. However, he was unable to survive because his injuries were too severe.

When the press learned of the incident, hundreds of animal lovers applied to adopt pit puppy Oli. Unfortunately, these demands were not met as the dog died of his injuries. Then a campaign was launched and $60,000 was raised to find the killer.

Hollywood Police conducted a DNA analysis of the blue bag containing the dog. Evans was charged when traces of Evans’ DNA were found on the bag. Police issued a search warrant to search Evans’ home. When investigators went to Evans’ house, they found various cat claws, decapitated mice, and bloodstains in the bathroom.

Then the investigators decided to devote more time to investigations. Investigators found an 18-inch scythe in the house. As a result of the examination in the kitchen, they discovered dry blood and animal fur in the oven. They also found a handwritten note that read “Full pit bull investigation.”

The hard work of the detectives paid off, and Evans was arrested. Evans has been imprisoned since this incident in 2017. Gottlieb’s defense attorney stated that four years had passed and his client wanted the case closed. Additionally, Gottlieb said Evans needed mental health support in addition to the medications he used while in prison.

Gottlieb stated that Evans grew up in a good family and would come out someday. For this reason, he said that he must be helped or else he would have great difficulty adjusting to life abroad. It was learned that Evans also had a separate case of theft in Hernando County.

If Evans is found guilty of all 17 counts of animal cruelty, he will face up to 85 years in prison. Ollie’s life and struggles have been publicized around the world by a Facebook group called “Justice for Ollie”. Thousands of people who heard about the incident sent messages of support.

Animal activist Mindy Moffat said Ole had to endure a lot of pain. Moffat also said that if some of the animals are still alive, she owes it to Oli. Additionally, Moffat shared his thoughts on the Evans case. She stated that Evans should remain in prison for life and did not need to be freed.

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