Florida Man Birthday November 13

Police arrested a man dressed as a cartoon character from Florida for allegedly driving a fictional car

The event took place at Wesley Chapel, which is named for the place designated for the unincorporated census. A Florida man dresses similar to the fictional character Fred Flintstone, created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. He also designed his car to resemble the Stone Age cars from the Flintstones cartoon.

So Don Schwartz of Florida hit the road. He started wandering around the Wesley Chapel to the confusion of people. From the outside, his car looked like a stone age car on foot. But this was just some kind of decoration. Because the car is no different from normal cars.

Soon, he stopped at the first traffic stop. He received a warning from law enforcement that he could not get into traffic that way. The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office deputies were initially surprised but later had to take legal action against the man.

Sheriff’s deputies realized that the car that Schwartz was driving was a smart car. The car is decorated like stone age cars from the Flintstones cartoon. Schwartz also preferred to drive barefoot. Sheriff’s deputies sued and detained Schwartz for speeding.

Schwartz was imprisoned for a very short time. Then he was released with a warning. After this event, Don Schwartz became known as the famous fictional character Fred Flintstone. The sheriff’s office stated that the vice mayors took no action against the rules and were only trying to enforce the rules.

Another incident on November 13

A Florida man gets into an 8-hour standoff with the police, and says he’s been shooting rats in his yard the whole time

Who are the famous November 13th birthdays?

John M. Lyle, an Irish-Canadian architect and educator, designed the Royal Alexandra Theater (d. 1945)
1894 Arthur Kneipp, German SS officer (d.1945)


Helen Mack, American actress and singer (d. 1986)
Edward Hughes, American Bishop (d. 2012)

Ujars Vaketes, Latvian writer and poet (d. 1983)

John B Hammond, American singer-songwriter and guitarist


Howard Wilkinson, English footballer and manager
Stanislav Barraczak, Polish-American poet, critic and scholar (d. 2014)
Jane Garber, American baseball player

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