Florida Man Birthday November 14

A Florida man committed several crimes, and brought a child with him while committing the crimes

The accident occurred in Polk County, Florida. A Florida man committed several different crimes. While committing the crimes, he brought a child with him. After the man was arrested, he said he did not want the boy to be a “thin” and brought him with him to be a “tough guy”.

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office has arrested a Florida man who has committed several different crimes. When the crimes of the man were investigated, it was noted that he always accompanied an 8-year-old boy during the commission of the crimes. The sheriff’s office said Ernest McKnight III, 36, committed his first crime on November 7.

Sheriff’s deputies said the November 7 crime was car theft. McKnight stole a red Hyundai car parked at Lake Wakes. McKnight took advantage of the car owner’s momentary distraction to commit the theft. The owner of the car was inspecting the building at the time.

Then McKnight committed the second crime. He was driving a Chevrolet HHR near Country Road 653. The owner of the car was walking his dog at the time. Then the man noticed McKnight and tried to catch him. However, McKnight fled the scene in the red Hyundai that he had stolen earlier.

About 5 hours after his second crime, McKnight committed his third crime. He tried to steal something from the front porch of a house. The owner told McKnight to return what he stole, but McKnight didn’t pay much attention. Instead, he shouted like “They’re mine now!” The stolen car entered and drove away from the area.

The sheriff’s deputies arrested McKnight on the same day. In Lake Wales, the police wanted to stop him for the usual traffic stop. McKnight did not comply with this decision and began to flee. He managed to escape from the police who were following him overland. However, he could not escape from the police helicopter that followed him from the air.

A detective asked McKnight why an 8-year-old boy was with him when he committed the crimes. McKnight said he didn’t want the boy to be a “thin” person and did so to turn him into a “stronger person”. Nawab Sharif took the 8-year-old to his family. No child or family relationship to McKnight has been identified.

Grady Judd, the Polk County Sheriff, stated that McKnight’s approach was not correct. He said that having a child with him while committing a crime had no positive effect. Judd stated that the child who was with him when McKnight committed a crime should be taken to a child psychiatrist.

McKnight has been charged with many different charges, including theft from an occupied settlement, robbery from an abandoned settlement, theft of an unused car, theft of a major car, damaging evidence, petty theft, and inciting minors to crime.

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