Florida Man Birthday November 15

A Florida man did not accept the theft and prepared a snack in a fast food restaurant

The accident occurred in Boynton Beach, Florida. A Florida man breaks into a Taco Bell fast food restaurant to steal some cash. He tried to steal everything that was in the restaurant safe. The Florida man didn’t stop there. He prepared a snack for himself with the food items in the restaurant.

Florida police still have to catch the thief. The person who robbed the Taco Bell in Boynton Beach Mall is at large. However, the man left behind some traces during the theft. South Florida police decided to review the footage while investigating the theft.

The police encountered a strange situation while examining the footage. The thief did not leave the restaurant immediately after taking the money from the safe. Instead, he prepared himself a snack of food in the restaurant. With information from restaurant supervisors, the police determined that the man had eaten some fried toast.

The man who robbed Taco Bell’s fast food restaurant has yet to be arrested. South Florida Police said investigations into the incident were continuing. According to the statement from the police, two different robberies took place in the same restaurant last month. Police believe there is a link between the recent robbery and other robberies.

Police called for help from the people of Boynton Beach as they tried to apprehend the man who committed the robbery. Police have asked people to contact Boynton Beach Police or Palm Beach County Crime Stoppers if they spot anyone suspicious.

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1903 Stewie Dempster, New Zealand cricketer and coach (d. 1974)


Francis Brun, German Juggler (d. 2004)
Bob Gunton, American actor and singer

Bill Richardson, American politician and diplomat, 21st United States Ambassador to the United Nations

Joe Puerta, American singer and bassist (ambrosia)


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Karl-Anthony Towns, Dominican-American basketball player

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