Florida Man Birthday November 21

A Florida man has been arrested after he had sex with a small horse several times

The accident occurred in Marion County, Florida. A Florida man repeatedly had sex with a young horse. An eyewitness to the incident filed a complaint with the police. Accordingly, the police arrested a Florida man for having sexual contact with an animal.

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office made a statement regarding the incident. The sheriff’s office said 21-year-old Nicholas Anthony Sardo from the Citra community has been arrested. Sardo was accused of having sex with four different animals and having sexual intercourse with an animal.

Sheriff’s deputies announced that they had received notification on October 16. An eyewitness to the accident requested anonymity and reported the incident to the police. The witness said she went to the house where the accident occurred three days ago to visit a family member. Here, it was reported that Sargo had sex with a miniature male foal named Jackie J.

While the police were investigating the incident, another eyewitness appeared. The second eyewitness told the mayor’s office everything she saw. The authorities moved to arrest Sardo. Once Sardo was arrested, he confessed to having sex with a horse. The detective added his confessions to the investigation file.

Investigators asked Sardo for additional information on the case. Sardo then said he had sex with a horse four times a week. Additionally, Sardo mentioned that he used a condom every time to avoid getting sick from the horse. All information from Sardo was included in the mayor’s office statement regarding the incident.

Sardo told the detectives that he knew everything he did was wrong. A horse named Jackie G belongs to a member of the Sardo family. The horse is still under the care of the same family. It is expected that the judge will soon punish Sardo, such as not approaching the horse. Sardo is currently being held in the Marion County Jail.

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