Florida Man Birthday November 23

Florida man who taught and trained arrested for child pornography

The accident occurred in Lake County, Florida. A Florida man who works as a teacher and soccer coach has faced child pornography charges. The Citrus County Sheriff’s Office explained that the man was a soccer coach and teacher. There was a brief confusion in the citrus county community after this incident.

Jeffrey Scott Brick, 52, who is known to live in Denilon, was arrested by deputy sheriffs of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday. In a press release from the mayor’s office, it was stated that Brake had received notice from Citrus County that he was involved in child pornography offenses.

Following the notice from Citrus County, the Lake County sheriffs immediately began an investigation. First, Brick was questioned by deputy mayors. Then Brick’s house was searched but nothing was found. Accordingly, the investigators decided to expand the scope of the investigation.

According to investigators, Brake admitted to watching child pornography. However, he was not arrested because nothing was found in his home during the first search. Brake was later arrested for smuggling a controlled substance. The investigators did not say what the controlled substance was.

Brake was released from prison after a while. Investigators investigating child pornography found images of child pornography on Brake’s electronic devices. An arrest warrant was issued for Brik on Monday. Brake’s exact whereabouts as a teacher have not been revealed. Brake was sent to the Lake County Jail on $195,000 bond.

Another incident on November 23

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Who are the famous November 23 birthdays?

George O’Hanlon, American actor and screenwriter (d. 1989)
1915 Marc Simmont, French-American painter (d. 2013)


José Napoleon Duarte, Salvadoran engineer and politician, President of El Salvador (d. 1990)
Kalmer Tinosar, Estonian singer and journalist (d. 2004)

Dominic Dunn, American actress (d. 1982)

Merv Hughes, Australian cricketer


Gabriel Landskog, Swedish ice hockey player
Anna Yanovskaya, Russian ice dancer
Bradley Stephen Perry, American actor

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