Florida Man Birthday November 24

A Florida man accused of the attack on the Capitol on January 6

The US Capitol attacks took place on January 6 in Washington. Law enforcement officials have determined that a Florida man from the far-right vigilante militia group was involved in the U.S. Capitol attack. The Florida man was arrested after an indictment file was created about the incident.

An arrest warrant has been issued for James Beaks, 49, of Orlando, for obstruction of Congress, trespassing on a restricted building, and illegal land entry. Police arrested Becks in Milwaukee. Then he was brought to court in Wisconsin.

After the hearing in Wisconsin, it was announced that court proceedings could take a long time. Beeks was released until the completion of the proceedings. The case was later transferred to the Washington Federal Court. The scope of the investigation was expanded and additional information was collected.

This event, which history has recorded as the January 6 US Capitol Raid, occurred after the election race between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Joe Biden won the election and a group of Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol, opposing winning the election. During the events, 5 people died.

During the attack, members of the Oath Keeper militia captured certain points on the Capitol grounds. They had moved toward the area outside the Rotunda Gate on the eastern steps. Finally, the door was broken and the militia group entered the Capitol. The Beeks were part of the group that attacked law enforcement at these events.

After the Outkeeper Militia entered the Capitol, they dispersed to different areas within the building. On the other hand, the Beeks in the group were trying to evade several law enforcement officers guarding the so-called Senate Chamber. Law enforcement dispersed this group. The Beeks and those with him regrouped at the Rotunda Gate and eventually left the building.

In his information about the events, Beeks stated that he met Oath Keeper at Trump’s “Stop the Steal” rally. During the US Capitol Raid, other members of the group wore camouflage combat clothing. On the other hand, the Beeks were wearing a black jacket and helmet and something resembling a shield.

According to court records, there was no lawyer available to defend Becks. Since January 6, hundreds of people from 50 different states have been arrested in connection with the US Capitol raid. More than half of these people are accused of assaulting law enforcement authorities.

Another incident on November 24

Florida man jacks broken down in a pickup truck outside Walgreens

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1910 Larry Simming, American football player and coach (died 2009)


Shabtai Rosen, English-Israeli academic, jurist, and diplomat (d. 2010)
Pete Best, English drummer and songwriter (The Beatles and Lee Curtis and the All-Stars)

Ted Bundy, American serial killer (d. 1989)

Takashi Yuasa, Japanese lawyer and author


Taro Yamamoto, Japanese actor and politician
Celalettin Kocak, German-Turkish football player
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