Florida Man Birthday November 6

A Florida man abused an employee who was dressed as a princess at Magic Kingdom Park

The accident occurred in Orlando, Florida. A Florida man visited Magic Kingdom Park, an amusement center located at the Walt Disney World Resort. He abused an employee who was dressed as a princess while taking a picture he was going to take here. Then he left the place as if nothing had happened.

The Florida man wanted to take advantage of the photo opportunity when he visited the Magic Kingdom Park. The photo opportunity involved posing with a princess-like character. Brian Sherman, 51, abused an employee who was dressed as a princess by touching her breasts while taking the photo.

His wife was with him when Sherman abused the employee. Sherman sat on one side of the employee and his wife on the other. The man tells the employee first that the character is his favorite character. Then he wrapped his arm around the employee’s waist and touched her breasts.

An affidavit submitted to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office contained all the details of the accident. Magic Kingdom Park staff said they noticed the woman was having trouble moving before Sherman abused her. The woman was crying after Sherman left the filming room.

Magic Kingdom Park officials said they would not let go of the incident and would protect the rights of their employees. The photographer in charge of the shooting handed over all the photos he had taken to the inspectors. Investigators will try to identify the man based on the photographs.

Another incident on November 6

Florida man accused of hacking into a crocodile farm and being attacked by a crocodile, leaving alligator shoes behind

Who are the famous November 6 birthdays?

Jon Squibb, American actress
1937 Eugene Pitt, American singer (The Jive Five)


Marco Fassi, American author (d. 1989)
Michael Schwerner, American activist (d. 1964)

Peter Alten, Swedish politician and lawyer

Clonie Gowen, American poker player


Judy Martin, Australian singer-songwriter and guitarist
Brad Stewart, Canadian ice hockey player
Josh Wakefield, English footballer

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