Florida Man Birthday November 7

A Florida man jumped into crocodile-infested waters and claimed he was detained after escaping.

The accident occurred in St. Augustine, Florida. A Florida man unknowingly jumped into crocodile-infested waters. Then try to get rid of alligators. And when his efforts paid off, he was bitten by a crocodile. The man managed to get out of the hole full of crocodiles.

The camera captured a Florida man jumping into the alligator-infested water. While it is not known why the man jumped among the crocodiles, a security camera recording made it possible to find out what happened. The most interesting part of the event was that the man survived among the crocodiles.

A Florida man visiting an animal farm in St. Augustine has jumped into a crocodile-infested hole to wow people. He stayed in the hole for hours, but the people around did not understand what was going on. One tourist stated that it was a crazy event.

Another tourist, unable to get over the shock of the accident, said he wondered why such a stupid thing happened. When the authorities checked the security cameras, they realized that the man had deliberately jumped into the water. The next day, farm officials found a pair of shorts and a pair of boots near the hole.

Animal farm workers initially thought it was a stupidly planned prank. However, after seeing bloodstains around, they decided to call the police. When the police arrived at the scene, they examined the footage in detail and determined that the man was very lucky.

Because the man who jumped among the crocodiles tried to climb the fence to avoid them. Meanwhile, a 12-foot-tall crocodile bit the man. The man’s neighbors saw him walking around the neighborhood the next morning. The man was walking with a limp and kept saying he was trapped among the crocodiles.

That was all the man did. He claimed that he is being held in a group of crocodiles. Neighbors took the man to a local hospital and arranged treatment for him. The only person injured as a result of the accident was the man. Because none of the animals were hurt.

Another incident on November 7

A Florida man stuffs pizza and cinnamon sticks in his mouth instead of paying

Who are the famous November 7th birthdays?

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1927 Hiroshi Yamauchi, Japanese businessman (d. 2013)


Eric Kandel, Austrian-American neuroscientist and psychiatrist, Nobel Prize winner
Michael Spence, American economist and academic, Nobel Laureate

Waljina, Indonesian singer

Jon Benitez, American DJ, songwriter, and producer


King Kong Bundy, American wrestler and actor
Rina Oshiyama, Japanese actress and model
Rachel Brooke Smith, American actress and dancer

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