Florida Man Birthday November 8

A Florida man clashed with police after a prolonged chase but escaped arrest

The accident occurred in Dale County, Alabama. A Florida man chased the cops and started a long chase. The Florida man tried everything to get rid of the cops. Finally, he found the solution in clashes with the police. After a brief clash, the police arrested him.

Authorities said the Florida man did not hesitate to head in the opposite direction to avoid the police. Ignoring oncoming traffic, the man tried to escape the police by maneuvering at high speed. The pit maneuver was attempted twice to stop the man, but the first was unsuccessful.

The police provided all the details in a press release about the incident. A police officer on duty in the city of Ozark attempted to prevent a car from violating traffic rules on West Roy Parker Road. However, the driver of the car did not obey police orders and tried to escape quickly. Thus, the police chase began.

The police sometimes had difficulty tracking down the suspicious vehicle. Because the car was going fast and fell in the opposite direction of traffic. This driver’s movement dealt various damage at many points. The chase extended to Highway 231. The Ozark Police then called for help from the Dale County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff’s deputies took part in the chase on Sam Lisenby Road. The deputy mayor performed a ditch maneuver to stop the suspect. The driver who escaped lost control of the vehicle for a short time. However, he managed to regain control of the vehicle and continued on his way north.

The deputy mayor performed the second hole-in-the-dark maneuver at the intersection between Highway 231 North and Jernigan Road. After this maneuver, the car was stopped and the security men headed towards the car to arrest the man. Meanwhile, the man attempted to escape by being hit by the gas again, crashing into an Ozark police van.

A sheriff’s deputy and a police officer were forced to use their weapons after the man tried to escape. The suspect again tried to escape from the police but failed. Law enforcement arrested the man. However, he was taken to the hospital when it was noticed that he was injured due to the fire caused by law enforcement officers.

The suspect has been identified. The man was learned to be 26-year-old Dylan Gentry, who lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. After Gentry was discharged, he faced multiple criminal charges without affiliation with the state of Florida. The man was sent to the Dale County Jail without bail.

Another incident on November 8

Florida man claims his name is “Ben Dover” during his arrest

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