Florida Man Birthday October 10

A Florida man has been arrested for killing a man and setting his genitals on fire years after the incident

The event was held in Big Pine Key, Florida. Eight years after a man was murdered at a camp in the Florida Keys, a Florida man has been arrested. The genitals of the man killed in the camp were also set on fire.

A murder case that remained unsolved for years has finally come to an end. In a statement from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, this opportunity has been sought for years. Hugh Timothy Blanton, 54, was arrested for the 2012 murder of Ronald Sylvia.

Sylvia’s charred body was found at Seahorse Campground in January 2012. As a result of their investigation, investigators determined that the fire broke out from Sylvia’s genitals. An autopsy revealed that Sylvia had been severely beaten and strangled before he was killed.

He was 65 years old when Sylvia’s charred body was found. According to information that neighbors gave to the vice mayors, Blanton and Sylvia had a major argument before Sylvia was murdered. The reason for the controversy was that Sylvia shared pictures of Blanton’s genitals online.

Blanton was arrested about a month after the murder was committed. Blanton was arrested while roaming, and was questioned by Monroe County investigators. During this interrogation, he provided various information about Sylvia. But he never admitted his guilt.

During the investigation, Blanton stated that he was angry with Sylvia. He admitted that he was angry when Sylvia took a picture of his genitals and posted it online. While he explained that they had a platonic relationship with him, he said he was alive when he broke up with Sylvia.

Information from residents confirmed the existence of a romantic relationship between Blanton and Sylvia. Blanton also admitted to using Sylvia’s cell phone after his body was burned. He said he had two phones with him when he went to prison on a different, unrelated charge.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office has expanded its investigation into the accident. Detectives attached to the mayor’s office guessed from the start that one of the phones belonged to Sylvia. But when Blanton was arrested for the incident in Massachusetts, the phone was never heard again.

The investigators compared the DNA sample taken from Blanton with the DNA sample taken from Sylvia’s fingernails. The case continued after a match was found between the DNA samples. As of May 2020, no progress has been made in the case file.

Blanton was in prison for charging a battery in Volusia, Florida. Detectives tracked down Sylvia’s case by re-examining Blanton, who denied knowing Sylvia but went to the Florida Keys. Blanton was convicted of the murder of Sylvia. He will be tried for premeditated murder and arson.

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