Florida Man Birthday October 11

A man from Florida turns out to be drunk causing destruction with a knife and sword he was carrying

The accident occurred in Brevard, Florida. A Florida man, who learned to live in Titusville, caused short-term chaos to people with a knife and a sword. The man who set the highway on fire surrendered after a while but did not calm down. While in his cell, he broke the head of the fire extinguisher and submerged it in water.

Scott Taylor of Titusville was accused of intentionally burning the land and causing reckless chaos. The fact that these charges fall within the scope of serious crimes means that he was imprisoned for a while. The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office reported on the incident that Taylor had been arrested.

Deputies for the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office arrived at Craig Street at about 2:00 a.m. Meanwhile, the deputies of the mayors realized that the flames had engulfed an area of ​​four meters. It was determined that suspect Taylor was on the scene in the accident that caused hours of activity in Titusville.

Deputies found Sheriff Taylor next to the flames. Taylor had a sword, a knife at her waist, and a bottle of Captain Morgan’s liquor. It wasn’t hard for the vice mayors to catch Taylor. After Taylor dropped his sword and knife, the Vice Mayors grabbed him.

When deputy sheriffs asked Taylor why he made the fire, they got no answer. Taylor picked the head of a Captain Morgan bottle of rum. Taylor was arrested for deliberately breaking a fire extinguisher in the dungeon. Soon, the dungeon was flooded. He was later sent to the Brevard County Jail.

Another incident on October 11

A Florida man searched Google for ‘how to rob a bank’ before robbing a bank

Who are the famous October 11th birthdays?

Eddie Dyer, American baseball player and manager (d. 1964)
1905 Fred Trump, American businessman (d. 1999)


Andre Emmerich, German-American art dealer (d. 2007)
Puri Bannai, Iranian actress

David Rendall, English actor and model

Dawn French and Welsh-English actress and screenwriter


Kurt Ford, American baseball player and manager
Jason Ellis, Australian skater, mixed artist, and actor
Matthew Felker, American model and actor

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