Florida Man Birthday October 17

Florida man confesses to murdering Erica Verdesia, who has missing persons report

The accident occurred in the Sunrise, Florida area. Broward County officials have announced that there are new developments regarding the missing Erica Verdesia, who lives in Sunrise. A Florida man has confessed to killing the missing Ferdisia, according to Sunrise police. In addition to his confession, he told all the details of the incident to the police.

According to the statement from El Shorouk Police, Ferdesia, who was wanted as missing, has been found. Unfortunately, the woman died. Eric Pearson, 54, has confessed to killing Verdesia, 33. He told the police all the details of how the murder was committed.

According to an arrest report obtained from police units, Verdesia was last seen on September 28. Ferdisia’s mother reported her missing 4 days after she was last seen. Police officers who received the missing report immediately formed a special team to find Verdesia.

According to information received by the police from Ferdisia’s mother, the missing woman was with Pearson on September 25. On the morning of September 25, the two were arrested at a police station. To expand their investigation into the accident, the police wanted Pearson’s testimony. However, the investigation continued as a contradiction was found in what Pearson had said about Ferdisia.

Erica Verdesia’s mother, Carmen Verdesia, is devastated after hearing the news of her daughter’s murder. But the grieving mother was also angry. She reiterated over and over that her daughter did not deserve such a thing. She particularly regretted that Pearson was free to roam abroad despite his crimes.

Investigators discovered that Pearson had previously been convicted of strangling 17-year-old Christina Whitaker. Pearson was also found guilty of attempted first-degree murder in 1985 and sentenced to 18 years in prison.

In 2020, Pearson was released on a supervised release. Meanwhile, he was about to complete 26 years of his sentence for killing Whitaker. Carmen Verdesia stated that she could not understand why this killer was roaming the street and complained about the failure of the current justice system.

According to the report on Erica Verdica’s death, police officers discovered blood in the back seat while searching Pearson’s car. On the same day, Pearson’s girlfriend called the police and said something about rocks and debris in the canal behind his house.

The police came to the scene with a diving team. The diving team found a body in the canal, identified as Verdecia, and they removed it from the canal. The police questioned Pearson again, and on the second questioning Pearson decided to tell everything. Pearson confessed to killing Ferdisia by sticking a screwdriver in her neck twice.

Pearson also mentioned that he put a screwdriver in the unfortunate woman’s eyes. He said he was trying to protect himself while doing all this. However, the investigators determined that this was not possible by clarifying the scale. According to the accident report that was created, Pearson dumped the body into the canal and was using stones to keep it sinking to the bottom.

Pearson was arrested Saturday for first-degree murder and sent to the Broward County Main Jail. Surveillance footage from areas where Verdesia is believed to have entered Pearson’s truck shows a week prior to its disappearance.

Carmen Verdesia said she did not know her deceased daughter was with a killer. The grieving mother said she did not even know how her daughter met him. The Verdesia family said they wanted justice not only for their daughter but also for Pearson’s other victims. A GoFundMe campaign has been launched to help Erika Verdecia’s family.

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