Florida Man Birthday October 19

Florida man points a gun and steals napkins from Waffle House

The accident occurred in Madison County, Florida. A Waffle House employee in Madison County called 911 to report an attempted robbery. Law enforcement responded to this notice on Monday evening. The Madison County Sheriff’s Office, which made a statement about the incident, stated that the suspect was unarmed and only stole handkerchiefs.

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office, which has launched an investigation into the incident, has determined the suspect as Edward William Rodriguez, based on information it received from video footage and eyewitnesses. The Madison County Sheriff’s Office stated that Rodriguez entered Waffle House at 145 SE Bandit Street at about 8:00 p.m.

Eyewitnesses said that the suspect was wearing a gray jacket, dark jeans and a dark hat at the time of the accident. They also stated that the suspect was a white man with black hair and that he was carrying a small dog with him. All the information provided by the eyewitnesses was very useful to the sheriff’s office.

Rodriguez started shouting “Come down now! This is a robbery!” after entering the restaurant. After getting some napkins from the restaurant, head toward the door to get out. Finally, he told customers inside that he was “high and drunk”. The person who reported the theft informed the mayors that Rodriguez left the parking lot after getting into his car.

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office said the suspect was unarmed, but deceived people by making his hands look like weapons. Sheriff’s deputies detained Rodriguez in his home. There were no difficulties as Rodriguez pleaded guilty at the time of his arrest.

Although Rodriguez had stolen a few napkins from the Waffle House Restaurant, he was sent to the Madison County Jail for burglary and assault without a weapon. The Madison County Sheriff’s Office announced that no one was injured in the accident, based on information it received from the 911 caller.

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