Florida Man Birthday October 21

New Jersey man arrested for murder in Florida

The accident occurred in Polk County, Florida. A man accused of stealing a car was arrested in New Jersey – one of the smallest US states – last month and accused of killing a man while carrying out a car hijacking, in Florida.

Deputy sheriffs James Lewis of New Jersey were arrested Tuesday, according to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office. At the time of the arrest, it was learned that Lewis was in Winter Haven to visit his family. The Polk County Sheriff’s Office announced that Lewis has been arrested pending extradition to New Jersey.

Lewis, who is known to be 51, is being seen as the prime suspect in the September 18 murder of 59-year-old Troy Trenham. The East Orange murder was allegedly committed by Lewis. According to information from the Essex County District Attorney’s Office, Lewis Trenham was murdered while helping a woman.

Minutes before Trenham was murdered, he was helping a woman unload bags of groceries from her car. Meanwhile, Lewis first handcuffed the woman, then killed Trenham, then stole the car and wanted to escape. Shortly after Lewis was driving away from the scene, he had an accident with the car he had stolen.

According to information provided by the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, a wealth of evidence was found in Winter Haven where Lewis was arrested that could be linked to the East Orange incident investigation. Lewis spent 30 years in prison for the 1989 East Orange murder and was released in 2019.

Lewis, who was held by the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, is under arrest pending extradition to New Jersey. It is reported that Lewis did not make any comments regarding the accusations against him. Also, it is not known if Lewis hired any lawyer to defend himself.

Another incident on October 21

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