Florida Man Birthday October 24

A Florida man set fire to several homes and a statue of Jesus but was soon surprised.

The accident occurred in Beverly Hills, Florida. A Florida man set fire to a statue of Jesus and two homes. Law enforcement officers, who began investigating the incident, determined that the name that set several places on fire was James Lee Harris. Law enforcement, who took action after identification, succeeded in arresting the man.

James Lee Harris, who he learned to be 25, set fire to a statue of Jesus and a tree in the garden at Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church in Beverly Hills. Then he changed course to a house on South Barbour Street and set it on fire. Recently, an empty house on South Wadsworth Street burned down.

Citrus County Sheriff Prendergast said Saturday that arson is dangerous and can even be fatal in some cases. The sheriff thanked the vice sheriffs and the fire rescue team for their diligent work, noting that no one was injured in the horrific acts committed by Harris.

Community crime investigators, the deputy mayor, and citrus county fire rescue teams had to tackle the fires that Harris had started together. The teams acted at the speed necessary to prevent further damage from the fires, and intervened precisely.

In South Wadsworth, one of the three places set on fire by Harris, the house suffered the most damage from the fire. According to law enforcement officials, the house on South Barbour Street was set on fire, and the fence outside the house was first set on fire. Later, a liquid, possibly gasoline, was poured onto the windows of the house, which amplified the effect of the flames.

Harris also attempted to set fire to the statue of Jesus in the Catholic Church of Our Lady of Grace, taking his first action, the tree in the garden, as well as the propane tanks. The Citrus County Sheriff’s Office, which quickly began investigating the incident, identified Harris from the footage obtained and his family.

While being questioned by investigators, Harris confessed to all of the arson he had committed. The cause of arson was not included in the first report. Harris has been charged with four different crimes, including arson and setting fire to the house.

Harris is currently being held in the Citrus County Detention Facility on $36,000 bail. Sheriff Prendergast did not forget to thank eyewitnesses in his latest statement on the accident. Sharif expressed his gratitude to all eyewitnesses who provided a prompt and accurate flow of information about the accident.

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