Florida Man Birthday October 27

A grenade was found in a truck driven by a Florida man who was driving a strange mannequin

The accident occurred in the Fraggler area, Florida. Florida sheriffs stopped a truck and found a grenade in it. The man driving the truck was carrying a clown mannequin in the passenger seat. Although the mayor’s deputies stopped the truck due to a license plate problem, the man with the bomb was arrested.

The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office released video footage of the incident on Monday. A Dodge pickup truck driven by 65-year-old Louis Branson has had license plate problems. In the Bunnell district, the deputies of the sheriffs stopped the truck. The sheriff’s deputy found explosives while searching the truck’s interior.

According to the recordings in the video, the deputy mayor who found the grenade said, “Come! Is this real?” Asked other deputies mayor. After Branson’s bomb was discovered in a sealed tin can in the back of the truck, Deputy Mayor ordered Branson to get off the truck.

Branson said he found the bomb in question three or four years ago. He stated that he wanted to keep the grenade, which was found while cleaning a veteran’s house, as a souvenir. Melissa Moriale, a spokeswoman for the Flagler County sheriff’s office, said Branson doesn’t know if the bomb was active and he’s carried it in his toolbox for years.

At the request of the mayor’s deputies, an explosive disposal team arrived in the area and performed various checks on the grenade, which is believed to be active. After X-raying the bomb, they destroyed it at a nearby safe facility before harming anyone.

Flagler County Mayor Rick Staley called Branson an “idiot” in a statement about the incident. He said he was very lucky that Branson didn’t kill himself or blow up a lot of things with the truck. The details and the video published about the accident justify the warden in this regard.

While the mayor’s deputies were inspecting the van, they found a life-size clown statue as well as the grenade. In addition to those, they found two tubes. They suspected that the two tubes found might contain cocaine, marijuana and drug residues. That is why they sent the tubes to the center for examination.

Morell said he didn’t know what the clown mannequin was doing in the truck. It was a really crazy thing, she said, noting that it’s a human-sized mannequin. Additional research with Branson revealed that the man had an extensive criminal history in Florida and Georgia.

Branson’s driver’s license expired in 2019. It was also discovered that Branson’s last known address was located in Palatka. Branson was charged with driving with an expired license, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of ammunition. He was arrested on $7,000 bail. It is unclear if he has a lawyer.

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