Florida Man Birthday October 3

Florida man arrested for unauthorized grilling at home

A Florida man was accused of making grills even though he did not have the necessary permits. Grills are a type of dental jewelry that is worn on the teeth. Grills are usually made of metal and have a removable jewelry body. Although the man from Florida was an expert in producing grills, he was arrested because he was not authorized to do so.

Allen Turner, 26, of Florida, was charged with practicing dentistry without a license. In addition to these fees, the production of grills was included. Turner saw his job as a goldsmith. He was acting accordingly, but he didn’t know that what he was doing was a crime.

Florida police announced that they found grills in various buildings in Turner’s home. Turner used special molds he made himself to make these dental jewelry pieces. When questioned by police, Turner said he did not know that barbecue is illegal.

Turner, who describes himself as a jeweler, said he stopped making grills after a warning from the Florida Department of Health. Florida Department of Health officials came to Turner’s home and ordered him to stop making grills. In his police statement, Turner stated that he complied with the order.

A $1000 penalty voucher was issued by the Florida Department of Health. But the state attorney general’s office followed suit. Turner was arrested a few weeks later when the state attorney general’s office decided to press charges. Unfortunately, no additional information is available about the course of the case.

Another incident on October 3

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