Florida Man Birthday October 7

Florida man pissed off alligator for biting his arm, then pouring beer into alligator’s mouth

The accident occurred in Martin County, Florida. A Florida man infuriated and provoked a crocodile, causing him to bite his arm. After the crocodile bit the man’s arm, the man poured beer into the crocodile’s mouth. After this attempt, the man from Florida was arrested.

Martin County Sheriff’s Office officials tried to clarify the incident. Timothy Jean Kepke and Noah Osborne of Florida have been charged with animal cruelty and illegal alligator possession. The interesting part of the event was that these two tried to pour beer into the crocodile’s mouth.

County Sheriff’s Office officials arrested Martin Kepke, 27, who lives in Hope Sound, and his friend Osborne, 22, of Stewart. Officials who made a statement about the incident said Osborne grabbed the crocodile and poured Kipke beer into the crocodile’s mouth.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission officials said in August they had received a complaint about two men. The footage in a video taken on the evening of August 26 revealed it all. Kipke and Osborne grabbed a crocodile.

Kipke was holding the crocodile, trying to provoke him, and biting his right forearm. After a while, the crocodile bit the arm of the Quebec. Next, Kipki poured beer into the crocodile’s mouth. It was observed that the crocodile became more aggressive after the beer was poured. Then they had to release the crocodile.

Everything that happened was included in the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission report. Authorities went to Kipke’s home on September 17 to arrest him. Kibeki admitted that he was the one who appeared in the video. Sheriff’s deputies issued an arrest warrant for Quebec and Osborne and then arrested them. The two friends were released on bail.

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