Florida Man Birthday October 9

Florida man charged with battery in connection with violence and child abuse

The accident occurred in Crestview, Florida. A Florida man rolled a woman and a teenager down a wooden staircase. Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office officials announced that the man has been detained on charges of violent battery and child abuse charges.

According to the Ocaloosa County Sheriff’s Office, Herman Newton was arrested October 7 after an altercation in Canary Way. Although the cause of the controversy is unknown, Newton faced very serious charges.

The woman who had been pushed down the stairs by Newton gave the mayor’s office various information about the accident. According to information provided by the victim, Newton attempted to strangle her by holding her throat and then dragged the teen onto his bed and lowered him to the floor.

Falling out of her bed, the teen tries to defend the woman with a lawn mower blade. However, while doing so, he inadvertently cut off his hand. As the controversy escalated, Newton pushed the woman and teen down from the wooden ladder.

There were no serious injuries to the teenage girl and the teenage victim. The Ocaloosa County Sheriff’s Office found a pipe during a search of the man’s home. The samples taken from the tube were sent for examination. After examinations, the presence of methamphetamine in the tube was determined.

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Who are the famous October 9th birthdays?

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1890 Canadian-American missionary Amy Semple McPherson founded the International Forsquare Gospel Church (died 1944)


Abdullah Ibrahim, South African pianist and composer
Peter Saville, English graphic designer and art director

Don Garber, American businessman

Odie England, American actress and photographer


Rale Micic, Serbian-American guitarist and composer
William Alexander, American writer and educator
Gates, English rapper

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