Florida Man December 10 (12/10)

A Florida man has been charged with child neglect after police said the child was left alone at the police station tonight, believing he was gay.

Haines Police did not report in the arrest report whether the child was the child of Evinod Julmius 30. The report did not mention the child’s name, age, or relationship to Yulmeus.

The investigators found that Yulmeus as well as the child were arguing about the boy’s sexuality. Wilmius advised the boy to put his things in his bags and then get into the car.
Julmeus dumped his body at Haynes Police Station according to The Tampa Bay Times, saying “the police will locate you an apartment.”

The building has been closed since the accident around 21:00. The letter states that the child was given food, water, a phone and some money.
Someone who was passing managed to see the boy and called the police. The report states that the child was “extremely upset and crying”.

Eulemius was released on bail and released from Polk County Jail. His attorney was not on the prison registry.

“Leaving a child alone in an unfriendly place late at night is unprofessional,” Haines Police Chief Jim Elinsky said.

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