Florida Man December 12 (12/12)

The Vice Mayor of Santa Rosa County has been found not guilty of shooting and wounding a naked man who fired a crossbow at him and other officers as they attempted to arrest him to barricade himself inside the house.

On October 20, the mayor’s emergency services were called to the residence of a suspect who claimed that his 26-year-old son, Glenn Phillips, was under the influence of drugs and was threatening to kill him at his home according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. The report was released on Wednesday. The report notes that the father made an appointment with the deputies in the building, and never showed up at the store.

In the morning, the father called 911 and told them that Phillips had locked himself inside their home along Highway 4 in Jay and was refusing to let him in. The police responded and the father told them again that Phillips had threatened to shoot him with a crossbow.

After a long period of unsuccessful attempts to get Phillips out of the house, four police officers were allowed into the house and saw Phillips declaring that the man was an “armed in danger.” When they entered the house, they were able to see Phillips wearing an unarmed and naked bow that was aimed at lawmakers, according to the report.

Representative Kevin Dalglish told FJP investigators that he was concerned for his safety, as well as the safety of other lawmakers, as the representative shot Phillips, hitting his left armpit. Phillips fell from a crossbow, after which he was being looked after by a deputy as well as the medical staff.

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