Florida Man December 13 (12/13)

Daytona Beach (CBS Miami AB). A man who walked naked at an airport in North Florida last year, then yelled about it possibly exploding, has been sentenced to 10 years in prison.

John Thomas Greenwood, 27, and Greenwood, 27, were also ordered to compensate airlines affected by the eviction, stranding many travelers.

Volusia County Judge Matt Foxman set the amounts at $4,939 for American Airlines and $9,500 for Delta Airlines. It is possible that he will also be required to pay damages for JetBlue and the airport but the amount has not yet been determined.

On the morning of May 11, 2018, police claimed that Greenwood, wearing only socks, was seen running through Daytona Beach International Airport, declaring the threat of an explosion about to explode. He disappeared before he finally got out of the baggage circuit. The police resisted him with stun guns.

The airport was closed for two hours, while everyone was taken out of the building. The authorities were looking for a possible bomb.

This judge’s sentence is less than the four years of imprisonment recommended by state sentencing guidelines.

Greenwood’s defense attorney, Ryan Belanger, said his client was addicted to Adderall, which led to the accident at the airport. Bellanger claimed that Greenwood was hit in the head during a car accident in 2015.

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