Florida Man December 15 (12/15)

WINTER HAVEN, FL – After his photo was posted online, a Florida man accused of sexual harassment in the gaming department of Walmart surrendered voluntarily, according to Winter Haven police.

Police said 19-year-old Elias Alan Arturo Fleur was found at Winter Haven Police Department on Saturday night after police released a photo of him. They also asked the audience to help them identify the man.

Police allege that Fleur did an improper act in the presence of a 12-year-old boy on Friday evening while shopping with his mother in the Walmart gaming aisle located at 355 Cypress Gardens. According to the police report, Fleur masturbated on the woman’s back. While she was looking at the things on the shelves and her shopping cart. The boy was standing near the carriage at the time of the accident who was able to tell his mother what had happened but Fleur disappeared before she could even see the suspect, according to police. Police said the footage of the alleged incident was consistent with the boy’s account.

“This incident is really horrific,” said Charlie Bird, Police Chief of Winter Haven. “I applaud the courage the child showed to come forward and share the details we can pass on to the media, which helped arrest the suspect.”

Fleur was arrested and charged with battery and indecent sexual conduct in an environment with a minor age 16 or younger.

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