Florida Man December 16 (12/16)

It is wrong to think that dignity is a luxury. If you are looking to achieve success, you are holding back unwanted things, such as maintaining your self-esteem. Think of the Florida man who chose to eat a quick sandwich from the subway. He could have done this in several ways. But he simply chose to push his entire legs inside his pants. That’s why he wrote an article about it and you can read it my friend.

This is why Florida police are searching for the suspect and raising interest in this crime that took place at a Marathon gas station near Lakeland, Florida at approximately 8:45 p.m. on November 25. He was brutally stabbed in the leg. According to ABC Local 10 News, the man bought a soda and then left the establishment. Then he left on his bike.

It’s funny, yes. The real treasure here lies in the Polk County Sheriff’s reaction to the incident with a rambling Facebook post that begins with the famous line “There’s one sandwich thief in all of us.”

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