Florida Man December 2 (12/2)

Palm City, Florida (AFP). Police say they are in the process of arresting a Florida man for provoking a small crocodile to bite his hands and put beer in the animal’s mouth.

News sources say 27-year-old Timothy Kapki and 22-year-old Noah Osborne were arrested last week for the illegal use of a crocodile.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation officers began their investigation in August after an Osborne investigation hit an alligator in Palm City and handed it to Cap. The cap is shown in the video that allows him to bite the animal’s forearm. The video also includes footage of Kepke eating alligator beer while fighting reptiles.

Popular December 2nd birthdays

Year: 1915 Nico Richter, Dutch composer, born in Amsterdam (d. 1945)

Year: 1915 Randolph Aberson Hearst, American newspaper publisher

Year: 1916 John Bentley, British actor (African Patrol, Crossroads)

Year: 1919 Michael Jeffrey Corcos, medical researcher

Year: 1920 Robert Moive, American composer

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