Florida Man December 20 (12/20)

Pembroke Pines, Florida. Police say the suspect pulled a Florida police officer in his car for half a mile before leading other officers in an intense chase that ended in his arrest. Pembroke Pines police said in a statement that 38-year-old Thomas Cabrera is charged with attempted murder on Tuesday.

Police told CBS affiliate WTSP they believe the incident began with the arrival of Officer John Cusack, who responded to reports of a possible overdose in a neighborhood. Security officials in the area said that a man and two women in the car slept in a bag that appeared to contain a substance.

After Cusack’s arrival, investigators claimed that Cabrera woke up and changed the channel and tried to get out according to the station.

Police body camera footage shows Cusack entering the car in an attempt to stop the car. Footage then shows Cabrera pulling off, carrying the 19-year-old police veteran, about a mile away from dumping Cusack in the road.

The authorities say that Cusack will succeed, but that he will receive serious injuries.

Cabrera was then a police officer on a 20-mile chase to disrupt rush hour traffic. Police said they found various drugs and syringes inside the car.

In addition to accusing Cabrera of attempted murder, he was also charged with evading officers and driving with an expired licence, according to the station. His passenger has also been detained but it is not clear if she is accused of the crime.

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